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Christie Seymour (Litigation Paralegal)

Image of attorney Christie Seymour - The Bishop Law Group


  • Handling of all litigation cases in the District Court



  • Associates Degree- Business Management
  •   Bachelor’s Degree- Paralegal Studies
  •   Master’s Degree- Sciences Environmental Law & Polices


  • Notary for the State of Maryland, Board member of the Maryland Association of Justice for Paralegals


  • Paralegal for almost 14 years, experience in Personal Injury Law, Workers Compensation Law, Estates, Business Law and Criminal Law

Essential Functions:

  • Maintain attorneys’ calendar for District Court cases- this includes criminal cases;
  • Meet with clients in person, phone, or email.  Assist clients with questions, concerns, process of case, status of case, paperwork concerning their case, etc.;
  • Answer phone calls and assist in what is needed;
  • Work with Defense council, State Attorney’s in criminal cases, insurance adjusters and all other parties throughout the case
  • Review case files for accuracy, including but not limited to making sure all documents are in the file so that the case can be filed in District Court.  Work on obtaining missing documents prior to filing if SOL is not up for immediate filing.  If SOL is at risk, file case in litigation and continue to obtain missing information, documents, etc.
  • Personal injury litigation cases are prepared with a Complaint and all other court documents needed for filing the case into litigation.  Once the case is ready, review with the attorney for accuracy and any additional special things pertaining to specific case that attorney wants to be in the filing.
  • Cases are filed via MDEC or via mail with Baltimore City as they are not on MDEC filing at this time.  If filing through Baltimore City, three copies are to be made, one for the file, one for the court and one for the court to time stamp and send back to the office.  If filed through MDEC, print out and file in Pleadings file the court stamped copy.
  • Once cases are filed, the court will forward a Writ of Summons for service upon Defendant.  This will be sent with the filed Complaint and court documents to the private process server, Certified Mail (through the court) or through MVA service if out of State.  After Defendant is served, file in court the Affidavit of Service.
  • Assure that once the court date is received this is entered on the calendar as “TENTATIVE hearing date” until the Defendant has been served.  After the Intent to Defend is filed by the Defense council the date will change and put on the attorney’s calendar as the hearing date set.
  • Once Defendant is served follow up with insurance company within two weeks of service to see if the Defendant has contacted them that they have been served.  The Defense council will file their Intent to Defend along with their Interrogatories.  Once we are in receipt of the ROGS contact client, forward them a copy of the ROGS, review and assist in typing up the answers with them on the phone.  Send an Affidavit of Oath to client to sign once these are answered and reviewed with attorney in how he prefers them to be formatted and laid out.  File Affidavit with the court and forward the client’s answers to defense council.
  • If the Defendant’s are unable to be served, request Debbie Ellis to do a skip trace for an updated address.  After this attempt if the service is still able to be accomplished, file a Motion for Alternative Service with the court.
  • Criminal cases file EOA and all other filings for discovery on MDEC or if Baltimore City through the mail.  Contact SAO’s office for the county you are filing in and request who the assigned SAO and request a postponement consent, (most of the time).  If consent is granted file request for postponement and send copy to SAO.
  • Criminal cases follow up with SAO within 2-3 weeks to obtain discovery.  Obtain emails for State Attorney in the initial filing of the case so communications are easier.
  • Prepare and file all other filings that are done throughout the course of work are postponements, subpoenas, other motions as you progress through the case, etc.
  • Prepare cases for trial, prepare attorneys packets, set up appointments with client at least 3-4 days prior to trial for preparation and meeting with attorney.
  • Meet with attorney 1 week prior to trial to make sure the packets have everything the attorney needs, all documents are tabbed and labeled for easy access for attorney.  Make sure there are a total of three packets, one for the Judge, attorney, and defense council.
  • Work with clients over the phone to have Interrogatories answered and filed to the Courts.
  • Keep a record and status log of all client cases in District Court.
  • Meet with attorney at least 1-2 times a month to review District Court cases, if emergency cases meet with attorney ASAP.
  • Meet with attorney throughout the case for criminal cases so that discovery and any additional requests are needed can be done prior to trial.
  • Go through and work on all incoming mail, make sure these are scanned into Litify and completed.
  • File all correspondence into client’s file.
  • Update client notes as cases are worked on.
  • Task Brian with any tasks needed for him to complete through Litify, follow up on dates they are due by.

Opportunities for Cross/Training

  • Willing to train and be trained in other areas as well.

 Company Specific (N/A)


  • Demonstrates effective leadership and communication skills, including ability to build effective teams, facilitate departmental and facility initiatives, and collaborate well with others.
  • Ability to communicate in English effectively through verbal and written means to the extent necessary to perform job duties appropriately. Reading and comprehension at level necessary to perform job duties appropriately.
  • Basic computer knowledge and skills
  • Ability to maintain a good working relationship both within the department and with other departments.
  • Ability to maintain confidentiality of all patient and/or employee information to assure patient and/or employee rights are protected.
  • Conducts job responsibilities in accordance with the standards set out from the Owner Lead Attorney Brian Bishop
  • Promotes the philosophy, mission and objectives of the Bishop Law Group/ Brian Bishop within and to the clients of The Bishop Law Group.
  • Demonstrates good interpersonal skills when working or interacting with clients, other staff members.
  • Ability to work under stress and to respond quickly in emergency situations. Ability to work cooperatively as a member of a team.
  • Demonstrates satisfactory level of interpersonal skills to interact with the firm, staff, Administration, clients, opposition of counsel, court personal, judges, process servers and all other areas of the legal system.
  • Communicates regularly with clients on every step of their case.

“We Care” Service Excellence 

  • Customer Service – Dedicated to creating a positive and welcoming environment for our clients, family members and visitors.
  • Respect –Acknowledges the worth of others through professional greetings, proper telephone etiquette, patience, and common courtesy. Always treating others as they would like to be treated, valuing others.
  • Teamwork – Demonstrates dedication to work cohesively together and cooperates with co-workers while performing duties leading to everyone being able to achieve success and giving recognition where it is due.
  • Compassion – Meets the patients’ needs and concerns by consistently acting in a patient-focused manner. Listening and focusing on the patient/resident; taking sincere, appropriate actions.
  • Integrity – Demonstrates adherence to a strict moral or ethical code in performance of duties by always seeking to do the right thing.
  • Professionalism – Displays mastery over attitude and behavior and pride in appearance. Consistently performs duties to the best of abilities. Keeps skills, competencies and required licensures/certifications current to ensure competence.
  • Responsibility/Accountability – Takes ownership of all aspects of duties shown through reliable, timely performance and accountability. Being accountable, doing what is expected or beyond; assuring what needs to get done, gets done.
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