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  • Published: August 18, 2022
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If you are preparing to go through a divorce in Maryland, your choice of Baltimore divorce lawyer matters. Having an experienced attorney on your side can drastically impact both the divorce process itself and the outcome of the proceedings.

The experienced attorneys at The Bishop Law Group know what a difficult time this may be for you and your family. We are committed to helping you through the divorce process with honesty, compassion, and dignity. Call our office now to discuss your situation.

7 Key Factors For Finding A Good Divorce Lawyer In Baltimore

How do you find a good divorce lawyer? Here are seven key factors to consider:

1. A Focus On Divorce And Family Law Matters

Maryland’s divorce laws are complicated, and navigating the divorce process successfully requires an intimate understanding of all of the various issues involved. As a result, it is important to choose a lawyer who focuses on representing clients in divorce and family law matters. This doesn’t necessarily need to be the lawyer’s only focus—many divorce lawyers handle personal injury claims and other matters for the clients as well—but you definitely want a lawyer for whom handling divorces is a significant portion of his or her practice.

2. A Team Of Experienced Legal Professionals

While you should expect to work with your lawyer one-on-one for most aspects of your divorce, there are certain steps in the process that don’t require a lawyer’s background—or a lawyer’s hourly rate. By choosing a law firm with a team of experienced legal professionals, you can feel confident knowing that both (i) your divorce is in good hands, and (ii) you are not incurring unnecessary legal fees.

3. Local Law Offices Where You Can Meet In Confidence

There are several benefits to choosing a local divorce lawyer. One of these benefits is the ability to meet with your lawyer at his or her office in confidence. For example, if you live in the Mount Washington or Greenspring area, you don’t necessarily want to have to make arrangements to go downtown for a 30 or 60-minute meeting. Or, if you live in Ocean City, you definitely don’t want to have to drive hours to get across the Chesapeake Bay. While your Baltimore divorce lawyer should be able to handle most aspects of your representation remotely, it is good to be able to meet with your lawyer in person in the event that it makes sense to do so.

4. Testimonials From Satisfied Clients

One of the best ways to choose a good divorce lawyer is by reading testimonials from past clients. If several past clients have taken time out of their busy lives to write some kind words or post a positive review, this is generally a good sign. Positive ratings on lawyer rating sites like are a good sign as well.

5. Accessibility, Flexibility, And Transparency

When going through a divorce, you cannot afford to wait days to hear back from your lawyer. You need your lawyer to be accessible, and you need your lawyer to be flexible so that you don’t have to try to deal with your divorce while you are working from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. You should be able to schedule appointments on weekends, and you should be able to get in touch by phone 24/7.

Transparency is key as well. Before you hire a divorce lawyer to represent you, you should receive a clear explanation of the costs and fees you will incur. There should be no surprises in this regard. If a lawyer is not forthcoming when you ask how much your divorce is likely to cost, this likely means he or she knows the answer is not what you want to hear.

6. A Commitment To Helping You As Cost Effectively As Possible

Your first step in choosing a lawyer is to schedule an initial consultation. During this consultation, it should be clear that the lawyer is committed to helping you as cost-effectively as possible. You should have no doubt that the lawyer has your best interests in mind, and he or she should discuss options for achieving a favorable outcome without resorting to costly and time-consuming litigation.

7. A Willingness And The Ability To Protect Your Interests By All Means Available

While litigating a divorce is generally an option of last resort, your lawyer should be prepared to litigate if necessary. If your spouse’s divorce lawyer knows that your lawyer will shy away from going to court, your spouse’s divorce lawyer will use this to your spouse’s advantage.

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