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  • By: The Bishop Law Group
  • Published: October 3, 2022
A damaged car after an accident, showing dented bodywork and a cracked windshield.

Knowing what to do if you were involved in a car accident in Baltimore can be difficult. From getting your car repaired or replaced to making sure the costs of your medical treatment will be covered, every step in the process involves challenges, risks, and frustrations. But, making sure you receive the coverage you deserve is extremely important, and it is equally important that you know what to do as you move forward.

The experienced attorneys at The Bishop Law Group have a proven history of success in a variety of difficult car accident claims. We understand the complexities of Maryland law and we know how to build compelling cases on behalf of our clients.

What should you do if you were involved in a car accident in Baltimore? We recommend that you:

1. Seek Medical Treatment For Your Injuries

The first—and most important—thing you should do after being injured in a car accident in Baltimore is to seek medical treatment. Whether you go to Johns Hopkins Hospital, the University of Maryland Medical Center, or any other local hospital or doctor’s office, the key is to obtain a comprehensive diagnosis as soon as possible. Once you have a treatment plan, follow your doctor’s advice (or seek a second opinion), and do everything you can to make sure you are able to recover as fully and quickly as possible.

2. Preserve All Evidence You Have From Your Car Accident

You will want to be sure to preserve all evidence you have from your car accident. This evidence could take many forms, including:

  • Photos and videos from the accident scene
  • Your copy of the police report
  • The other driver’s vehicle and insurance information
  • Any witnesses’ contact information
  • Parts of your vehicle that broke off and any damaged personal items

But, keep in mind that these won’t be the only pieces of evidence you will need to assert your legal rights. Proving your right to just compensation will require various other forms of evidence as well—and you will need to hire a lawyer to collect this evidence for you.

3. Take Photos And Notes

In addition to preserving all evidence you have in your possession, you should also take photos and notes. Take photos of your injuries and your vehicle (if you have access to it), and take notes detailing everything you can remember about the accident. Taking notes now will help you recall key details later on, and it will help you avoid having your memories skewed by other people’s versions of the events.

4. Report Your Car Accident To The Police Or The MVA (If Necessary)

If the police responded to the scene of your car accident, then you shouldn’t have any additional reporting responsibilities. However, if the police did not respond, then you may have an obligation to report your accident to the police or the Motor Vehicle Administration (MVA). If you have questions about whether you need to report your accident, our car accident lawyers can help.

5. File An Auto Insurance Claim

Regardless of who you think was at fault in the accident, you should file an auto insurance claim with your insurance company. This will help with protecting your legal rights, and it will prevent your insurance company from denying coverage (or terminating your policy) based on failure to file. When you file your insurance claim, give your adjuster the other driver’s vehicle and insurance information, but avoid saying anything about who you think was at fault or why the accident happened.

6. Document Your Losses

As you recover, you should do your best to fully document your losses. Keep copies of your medical records and bills, and make sure you have documentation of any hours or days you miss from work. To document your pain and suffering, keep a daily log or journal where you write down your pain levels, tasks you are unable to perform, and activities in which you are unable to participate as a result of your injuries.

7. Talk To A Lawyer

The best way to protect your legal rights if you were involved in a car accident in Baltimore is to speak with a lawyer promptly. When you contact a lawyer about your accident, your lawyer will be able to explain everything you need to do (and the mistakes you need to avoid), and your lawyer will be able to use his or her experience to fight for just compensation on your behalf.

What if you don’t know how to do everything we listed above? Or, what if you are concerned about contacting your insurance company on your own? If you have questions or concerns, that’s okay—and it’s completely normal. We are here to help, and you can contact us for a free, no-obligation consultation 24/7.

Talk To A Baltimore Car Accident Lawyer For Free

If you were involved in a car accident in Baltimore, we encourage you to contact us promptly. The Baltimore car accident lawyers at The Bishop Law Group will take time to listen to your story and fight for the full value of your personal injury claim.

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