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  • Published: March 16, 2022
A family law attorney is signing the papers while the rings are on the paper.

If you are facing a family-related legal matter, there are many reasons to consult with a lawyer. Unfortunately, many people wait too long to seek help, and they end up limiting their options as a result. It is also fairly common for people to try to handle their family-related legal matters on their own. But, while there are self-help resources out there, these resources do not address the unique aspects of any one individual’s circumstances; and, as a result, they are insufficient to meet most people’s needs.

If you are contemplating a divorce, if you need protection against domestic violence, or if you are dealing with any other family-related legal matter, you should speak with a lawyer promptly.

The Baltimore family law attorneys at The Bishop Law Group have more than 75 years of combined legal experience. We know that issues concerning divorce and child custody can be among the most emotionally challenging experiences a family can endure. We will help navigate the legal process so you can focus on yourself and the needs of your family.

Why seek the counsel of a family law attorney? Below are just some of the reasons.

1. Family-Related Legal Matters Can Be Complicated

From getting divorced to modifying child custody or support post-divorce, family-related legal matters can be complicated. Maryland’s family laws are not easy to understand, and they call for different outcomes under different sets of circumstances.

A family lawyer can help you understand how Maryland’s family laws apply to your unique circumstances. Your lawyer will be able to explain everything you need to know, and he or she will be able to guide you through the process of protecting your interests and enforcing your legal rights.

2. Mistakes Can Be Difficult (And Costly) To Correct

If you try to handle a family-related legal matter on your own and you make mistakes, your mistakes could be difficult to correct. Correcting them could also prove costly—far more costly than hiring a family lawyer to help you from the beginning.

This applies to all types of family law issues. Getting divorced, seeking an annulment, dealing with post-divorce child custody and support issues, and seeking protection against domestic violence all require the advice and insights of an experienced family lawyer.

3. A Lawyer Can Explain All Of Your Options

With most family-related legal matters, spouses, partners, parents, and other family members have lots of options. When dealing with any of these matters, choosing the right option for your family and financial circumstances is extremely important. An experienced family lawyer can explain all of your options so that you do not overlook any possible solutions that could benefit you and your loved ones.

4. A Lawyer Can Help You Make Informed Decisions

In addition to helping you explore your options, a family lawyer can also help you make informed decisions. Which option is best for you? How should you move forward? When should you move forward? Should you try to work out an amicable resolution, or is it in your best interests to go to court? These are just some of the many important questions an experienced family lawyer can help you answer.

5. Self-Help And “DIY” Legal Resources Won’t Address Your Specific Circumstances

As we mentioned above, there are self-help resources out there. Many companies also sell “DIY” family law products (i.e. “DIY divorce kits”) online. While these resources may be relatively cheap (or even free), there is a good reason why.

These resources do not provide the custom-tailored legal advice people need when dealing with complicated family-related legal issues. When going through a divorce in Maryland, for example, you need to know the answers to questions such as:

  • Which of your assets qualify as “marital” and “separate” property?
  • Should you pursue a limited divorce or an absolute divorce?
  • Are you entitled (or is your spouse entitled) to spousal support?
  • Which type of child custody arrangement makes the most sense for your individual circumstances?
  • Should you consider mediation or a collaborative law divorce?

Here, too, these are just examples of the numerous important questions that require you to make informed decisions with the help of an experienced family lawyer.

6. You Need To Avoid Overlooking Key Issues

One of the most common mistakes people make when trying to handle family-related legal matters on their own is overlooking key issues. If you overlook important issues, they won’t go away. You will have to deal with them when they create problems down the line, and this will almost certainly cost far more (and lead to far more stress) than taking care of them the first time around.

7. You Need Confidence And Peace Of Mind

Finally, when going through a divorce or dealing with any other family-related legal matter, you need confidence and peace of mind. You need to know that you are making the right decisions for yourself and your loved ones, and you need to know that you are doing everything you can to prevent complications in the future. This requires in-depth legal knowledge and years’ worth of practical insights, and this means you need an experienced family lawyer on your side.

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