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What Counts as a Family Law Case?

Family law cases are broad, but generally, they involve matters regarding families. Examples of this include the dissolution of marriage (e.g. divorce or annulment), paternity or child custody, guardianship, and protection orders against domestic violence. We advise that you retain legal counsel as part of your team during your family law case.

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What Are Some Tips to Follow?

It is important to know what you want in advance of your case. That includes knowing what assets you want and what child custody settlement you’d like if you have children. Let your lawyer know so we can help you get what you want. Be sure to avoid emotional confrontations during the case. Also, be open to compromises when needed. Finally, let us handle the paperwork.

How Do We Approach Your Case?

Our goal at The Bishop Law Group, is to approach each case with expertise and compassion because we understand the hardship that family law cases involve. We always listen to your concerns and don’t make decisions without your go ahead. Also, we aim to find the most effective and cost-efficient solution to your problems. Call us to get started.

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