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“Mr. Bishop is the definition of a zealous advocate. An attorney for whom his clients are more than cases, and whose work weeks extend far beyond 9am-5pm Monday through Friday. I am consistently impressed with how he pursues his cases, and give him my highest endorsement.”– Ali Davani, Car accident Attorney

“As a fellow criminal defense attorney, I have referred some of the most serious and complex of criminal cases to Brian. I refer them to Brian because he not only personally cares about his clients, but I’ve witnessed him go above and beyond in working his clients cases. Every client that I’ve referred to Brian has been beyond thrilled with their result. I’ve also seen Brian make complex legal arguments, often overlooked by others, with great success. I would highly recommend Brian to any client looking for outstanding representation.”– Suzanne Houle, Criminal defense Attorney

“Having worked as a Senior Associate at the firm of Saller & Bishop for 4 years, I have come to know Brian Bishop’s work ethic, dedication, and courtroom savvy very intimately. I can attest that Mr. Bishop is one of the finest attorneys in the State of Maryland. He consistently finds creative ways to navigate criminal cases to garner extremely favorable outcomes for his clients, including several not guilty verdicts at trial. I have observed him time and time again meticulously prepare for trail and work tirelessly to advocate on behalf of criminal defendants as well as person’s injured by the negligence of others in car accidents and other personal injury matters. If you are looking for an attorney who truly cares and who will fight earnestly for justice on your behalf, call on Mr. Bishop and the firm of Saller & Bishop.”– Malcolm Ruff, General practice Attorney


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