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  • Published: August 12, 2022
A woman puts her hands on her neck after being injured in a car accident.

The Baltimore car accident lawyers at The Bishop Law Group are committed to helping injury victims recover the full and fair compensation they deserve. We know how a serious car wreck can change your life, and we have the knowledge, skill, and resources necessary to take on big insurance companies. If you were hurt in a car crash, we want to hear your story.

Dealing with the aftermath of a car accident can be a trying experience. The insurance companies will do everything they can to test your patience; and, in today’s world, it can take months to get an appointment even for a minor repair. Of course, if you were injured in the accident, you have even bigger issues, and you need to make sure you are able to recover the full compensation you deserve.

You Should Hire A Car Accident Lawyer In Maryland If . . .

There are many ways a car accident lawyer can help you after a serious accident. But, if your accident was relatively minor, it may not be worth hiring a lawyer to represent you. With this in mind, you should hire a car accident lawyer in Maryland if . . .

1. You Were Injured In The Accident

One of the most important ways a lawyer can help you is by seeking just compensation for your accident-related injuries. In Maryland, car accident victims can seek full compensation for the costs of their injuries. This includes financial costs such as medical bills and lost wages, as well as non-financial costs such as pain and suffering, emotional trauma, and loss of companionship and consortium.

If you were injured, a car accident lawyer will be able to use your medical records to prove that your injuries resulted from your accident (as long as you sought treatment promptly), and your lawyer will be able to calculate how much you are entitled to recover. Your lawyer will also be able to gather the evidence needed to negotiate for a fair settlement on your behalf.

2. The Accident Was Recent

The longer you wait to take action after a car accident, the more difficult it can become to assert your legal rights. If you wait too long, you can lose your legal rights entirely. While Maryland has a three-year statute of limitations for car accident claims, it is strongly in your best interests to speak with a lawyer as soon as possible.

3. You Think The Other Driver (Or A Third Party) Was At Fault

A car accident lawyer can only help you recover compensation for your injuries if someone else was at fault in the accident (unless you have PIP insurance, which provides a small amount of coverage on a “no fault” basis). This fault can take many different forms; and, while most car accidents involve driver negligence, various other factors can lead to car accidents as well (i.e., mechanical defects, faulty repairs, and reckless pedestrians).

If someone else was at fault in your car accident, you will need a lawyer to prove it. If the at-fault party’s insurance company claims that you were even 1% at fault in the accident, this can result in a complete denial of liability under Maryland law. When you hire a Baltimore car accident lawyer to represent you, your attorney will use the available evidence to counter any unwarranted allegations of “contributory negligence” and fight to secure a financial recovery on your behalf.

4. You Have Not Accepted Payment For Your Injuries From The Insurance Companies

Generally speaking, you only get one chance to file an insurance claim after a car accident in Maryland. If you have already accepted payment for your injuries, there might not be anything a lawyer can do. This is true even if the payment was for far less than you deserve.

With that said, if you are unsure of the current status of your claim, or if any portion of your claim is still pending, you can—and should—talk to a lawyer. You can get a free consultation; and, at the very least, a lawyer will be able to provide some tips for dealing with the insurance companies.

5. You Are Committed To Recovering Just Compensation

When you hire a car accident lawyer to represent you, your lawyer will do everything he or she can to recover just compensation for your losses. It is important that you are equally committed to protecting your legal rights. Your lawyer will need your help, and you will need to be patient while your lawyer does his or her job. After a serious car accident, hiring an experienced lawyer will give you the best chance to maximize your financial recovery—but only if you are prepared to do what it takes to win.

These are just some basic considerations for contacting a lawyer after a car accident. Car accident insurance claims can be extremely complex, and it isn’t easy to make the right decisions. Regardless of your circumstances, if you have any questions or concerns about protecting your legal rights after a car accident in Maryland, we encourage you to contact us promptly for a free, no-obligation consultation.

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